Reward Jars

I have a lot of tricks up my sleeves when it comes to behaviour modification. My preferred method is positive reinforcement.

With that in mind, I tend to introduce reward jars to families.

The concept is pretty simple; an undesirable behaviour has developed, stamp out the behaviour by positively rewarding a LACK of said behaviour.

Reward jars also works well for instilling good behaviour such as doing chores, homework and reading.

Take a look at the video below for a demo and check out the reward jars that others have made too!

Here is the reward jar I made for my demo video. I did this quite quickly just to show how it's done. 

Mason made an octopus called Mr Dinkey and he fills it with pasta pieces. 

Oscar has an Iron Man straw jar.

Freya has a jar with dolly pegs

Darcey has a happy jar filled with smiley face counters 

Holly has a good girl jar that she fills with little roses.

Sarah is about to make behaviour beakers which she will fill with pigs and turtles.

My littles have a marble jar.

If Nanny Kimbo has inspired you to make a reward jar, don't forget to send in a pic to be featured on the "We Tried It" page! 

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