Tuesday 8 December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions



πŸ’œ How much do you charge?

How long is a piece of string? My fees aren’t exactly straightforward. It depends on what a client requires from me. If you are worried you may not be able to afford a doula, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


πŸ’œ What kind of training do you have?

I trained with Younique Postnatal in 2018. Younique Postnatal is approved by Doula UK but I am no longer registered with the organisation. In 2019 I trained with Abuela Doulas and you can find me in the Your Abuela directory. I am now training with Doula Trainings International.

πŸ’œ Are you trained in any other areas?

Yes, I am trained in a number of areas including hypnobirthing, pregnancy and infant loss support and a number of complementary therapies.

πŸ’œ What is your philosophy on birth?

Birth is sacred. All bodies birth. All birthing people have the right to access support and to give birth without judgement.

πŸ’œ As The Queer Doula, do you support straight parents?

Yes, I do. As a queer person, I felt it was important to my brand to make that declaration. It also marks me as safe for queer birthing people. I support all birthing people, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality etc.

You can read more about why I decided to brand myself as The Queer Doula here:


πŸ’œ Why did you become a doula?

Please see my blogs about this:  



πŸ’œWhat is your doula “style”?

I am a cheerleader. I believe in a hands-off approach. I want parents to be able to do things by themselves. If I do everything for them, they will not feel confident enough to be by themselves when the time comes. I love research and I am always trying to keep my knowledge and information up to date. I am able to show parents how to conduct their own research - whatever their question may be.


πŸ’œ Do you have children of your own?

No and I don’t believe that is relevant. Please see my blog about being a childless doula:



πŸ’œ How many visits do you do before and after the birth?

Your support package is fully customisable and lead by you. In our initial telephone consultation, we will discuss what you envision my support looking like. We will talk about what areas you feel you need support in most and we will create your package together. I also offer antenatal and postnatal education via The Queer Parenting Partnership if that’s something you would prefer. 


πŸ’œ My [birth] partner is uncertain about having a doula as they wish to be the one supporting me. How will you fit into this dynamic?

I am not here to take anyone’s place. I am here to support you and whomever may be involved in your birth, be they a parent of your baby, your parent, your best friend or someone you met at the pub last week! Your [birth] partner may be the one with all of the questions. They may be clued up on everything already. They may need a tag team partner. I am here to make things easier for everyone. 

πŸ’œ May I email, text or call you with questions?

Absolutely. I hold “office hours” and will offer continual support in the lead up to your birth and the first few days afterwards. If you are a postnatal only client, we will create a schedule of contact following your birth.


πŸ’œ Do you have any reviews? 

Yes, of course. You can see them here: 


I can also provide direct contact information for my two most recent clients.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or use a contact form on my website:


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